Our products are natural, healthy and delicate. Roses are organically grown and cared for with passion and dedication at all stages, from the land to the table.

Roses Preserve


The preparation of the preserve is similar to that of a normal jam, the only difference is the raw material, rose petals instead of fruit. The freshly picked petals are combined with cane sugar, lemon juice and a little water, neither pectin nor thickeners nor preservatives are added. Once we have obtained a homogeneous mixture, we cook it and put it in hot jars.


Our preserves are characterized by the very intense scent of rose: it is sufficient to use a minimum quantity. The preserve is ideal for breakfast, it can be spread on toast with butter or mixed with natural white yogurt. It can be used as a cold filling for cakes, to give flavour to a good ricotta made from sheep’s milk or even better bufala mozzarella. It can accompany some types of cheese, such as pecorino.

Roses Syrup

Sciroppo di rose bottiglia


Rose syrup is prepared by infusing the freshly picked petals in hot water and lemon juice. It is better to use a little calcareous water, in order to keep the perfume and the beautiful ruby color that comes exclusively from the petals. After an appropriate period of infusion, the petals are delicately pressed with a small press to obtain the pink water that, once the cane sugar is added, is cooked, filtered and then preserved in steel containers. Only later the syrup is bottled. The ingredients used are only fresh rose petals, organic white cane sugar, mineral water, fresh lemon juice. The scent is delicate, but intense.


Rose syrup, diluted with fresh water, a few slices of lemon or a mint leaf becomes a pleasant refreshing drink. A few drops in a glass of fresh sparkling wine or in a fruit cocktail, as in hot or cold tea, is also very pleasant.

Other uses can be: in fruit salads, even with peaches or melons, on strawberries and raspberries with cream, to flavor various desserts such as panna cotta or bavarese, on crèpes. Excellent for flavoring ice creams with delicate flavors. The traditional use in Liguria is to dilute it with fresh water or hot water as an invigorating drink: in a not too distant past, in Genoa, the boys of the youth soccer teams drank it in the interval between the first and the second half time.

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