Isabella has lived in Tuscany for more than thirty years, but she is originally from Genoa and she brought the tradition of rose syrup from Liguria: its origin is not known with certainty, but it could have been born thanks to the trade that the Maritime Republic entertained with the Middle East, where rose syrup was used (and it is still used). Often in Liguria those who have a small vegetable garden or a garden grow roses to make homemade syrup and, of course, every single person is convinced that they have the only true “syrup rose”. She also found next to her Tuscan home what she considers “her” syrup rose.

As a child, Isabella drank the syrup that her grandmother prepared for her, with the roses on the terrace where she lived. The new Tuscan life had made her forget that scent until, on a May morning, while she was taking her children to school, she smelled the same scent in the air.

She began cultivating those fragrant roses in the garden and attempting home experiments, recreating the recipe on the basis of a memory: the taste and scent of grandma’s syrup.

She succeeded thanks to the encouragement of family and friends, enthusiastic tasters who “morally” supported the attempts necessary to develop the recipe.

The activity began in 2000, with the transformation of a room in the ground floor into a production workshop. Over the years, sales of syrup have gradually grown to the point where they have experimented with new recipes (rose jelly, apple jam and roses, only roses with various formulations) until they reach a new product, the “Preserved Roses”.

The sons Arturo and Federico helped her according to school commitments and  they are still helping, and when they can, they arrive in May to help. Even friends come to work or just to give a little help and smell the perfume of the roses: Chiara, Jacopo, Marco, Marta, Riccardo, Chiara, Letizia, Daniela, Alessandra, Noemi, Federica and many others in the last few years. And wwoofers from Italy and the world: United States, Scotland, Germany, Taiwan, Hungary, Portugal.

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