Rosa di Magliano is a small family-run certified organic farm. For almost fifteen years we have been growing roses to produce syrups and petals preserves. It is our main activity, with a rose garden of about 400 plants of “Rosa di Magliano” variety.

There are also olive trees, some fruit trees, in particular quinces, and several wild bushes from which we gather a small production of blackberries.

The house and the land are in the Chianti hills, in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, in the small hamlet of Magliano, with a beautiful view over the Agliena valley and the Petrognano hill, the ancient city of Semifonte destroyed by the Florentines in the Middle Ages .

Most of the cultivation consists of what we call “Rosa di Magliano”. Over the years, other varieties have also been tested, such as “Charles de Mills”, “De la Maître École, Rosa gallica” Officinalis” but their purfum was not as intense and fresh as the” Rosa di Magliano” one. They only bring interesting shades to the color of the syrup and the preserves.

Natural Products

Rose in conserva vasetto

Rose Petals Preserve

Natural, Organic

Preparation similar to jam: the only difference is the raw material, rose petals instead of fruit. It is ideal for breakfast, spread on toast with butter or mixed with natural white yogurt. Also excellent as a cold filling for cakes.

Rose Syrup

Natural, Organic

An ancient Ligurian recipe.  Dilute it with fresh water, add a few slices of lemon or a mint leaf for a pleasant refreshing drink. Also excellent added to prosecco for an original cocktail or in hot or cold tea.

Sciroppo di rose bottiglia

A delicate touch in the kitchen

Rosa di Magliano preserved roses and rose syrup give the cakes a delicate touch that enhances the flavors and gives pleasant sensations to the palate.

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