Chocolate cake with roses

Ingredients High quality dark chocolate in pieces (150gr) Butter (130 gr) 6 egg yolks 6 egg whites Sugar (150 gr) Flour (130 gr) Half sachet of baking powder Salt Rose jam (150 gr) Bitter cocoa [...]

Ricotta, roses and pistachios

Ingredients Excellent fresh ricotta, little or no salt, better than sheep or bufala Rose jam Natural, unsalted, roughly chopped pistachios Preparation Drain the ricotta, mix it with a fork until [...]

Yogurt cream with roses with figs

Ingredients (2 persons) 300 g natural white yoghurt rose syrup 4 figs, preferably with red skin Preparation Prepare two individual bowls with fresh yoghurt sprinkled with rose syrup and garnished [...]

Ice Cream with lemon, rose and basil

Ingredients Lemon Ice Cream Rose Syrup Basil leaves Fresh roses Preparation Put the lemon ice cream in individual bowls, sprinkle with a drizzle of rose syrup and decorate when serving with [...]

Apetizers with melon and roses

Ingredients (4 persons) 1 ripe melon Lemon juice (as much as you like) Fresh mint leaves Rose syrup (as much as you like) Preparation Cut the melon into regular cubes and wrap each cube [...]

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